Chasing hares

One thing I miss, having moved from the Highlands to the Peak District, is the wildlife: sea eagles and otters all seen regularly from my garden.… Read the rest... read the full article

Knoydart Time

It’s been so quiet on this website there have been tumbleweeds floating past my last blog post.… Read the rest... read the full article

Sunset hill

One of the pleasures of the last few months has been listening to the radio hearing how wet this spring and summer have been: record breaking rainfall in Wales and floods in England.… Read the rest... read the full article

Dolphin superpod

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of joining cameraman John Aitchison on a boat off the west coast of Scotland, filming common dolphins.… Read the rest... read the full article

Northern Lights in Knoydart

Conditions were perfect: a good aurora forecast, a good weather forecast and a new moon, thus a nice dark sky.… Read the rest... read the full article

Not the Northern Lights

Last week the sun spewed out an enormous solar flare which we were told would light up the northern skies with a fantastic auroral display.… Read the rest... read the full article


A few shots from my walk round the Northern Corries of the Cairngorms yesterday with old pal and fellow Knoydartian Tommy. As much as I love Knoydart you can't beat the Cairngorms for a taste of the Arctic in Britain.... read the full article

Feeding the birds

When I let our chicken out this morning - yes, we only have one; the others have all paid the ultimate price for flirting with dogs and landrovers - I was aware of lots of birds sitting in the beech hedge nearby.... read the full article

Stars at last

After what feels like three months of solid rain and cloud, we finally have a little bit of high pressure tickling the west coast of Scotland, teasing us with clear skies and dry, frosty... read the full article

Back to Knoydart

After twelve days in the balmy shires of southern England I made it home to Knoydart on 2nd January.... read the full article