Knoydart Time

It’s been so quiet on this website there have been tumbleweeds floating past my last blog post. I’ve got a good excuse though: my family and I have been busy upping sticks and moving from the sticks – Knoydart – to the environs of a metropolis – Manchester.

Why the hell would someone who loved the mountains and the sea do such a reckless thing? Well, it’s all for the greater good as I start a one-year postgrad course in Wildlife Documentary Production at the University of Salford. I’ve been a wildlife geek and a photography bore since I was a kid so this is such a great opportunity for me.

And as for Knoydart; I’ve been there seven years and as Dave the crofter told me as we boarded the last ferry to Mallaig with a lorry load of consumer crap, “Knoydart tends to get a hold of you. You’ll be back.

Yes, it was a wrench leaving such a beautiful place so I’ve put together this short video. For me it’s catharsis. I don’t know what it might be for you but whatever it is please share it around.


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