Sunset hill

One of the pleasures of the last few months has been listening to the radio hearing how wet this spring and summer have been: record breaking rainfall in Wales and floods in England. For once, the west coast of Scotland has been spared the soggy deluge and we’ve been basking in sunshine. Okay, we’ve had some wet days but on the whole the waters of Loch Nevis have been sparkling in the sunshine.

At times the sun, so high in the sky, has been too strong for good landscape photography but catch it early or late in the day and you can get some beautiful light. For about ten minutes every evening, just before the sun sets, this hill, across the loch from my house, glows red. Its rugged topography is picked out perfectly by the sinking shadows.

Tomorrow is the summer solstice – the longest day – so it seems fitting to share an image of the last light of the day at gone 10 o’clock in the evening. Won’t be long before it’s dark at four!

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