I am a wildlife camera operator based on the west coast of Highland Scotland. Recent work includes North Atlantic – A Year in the Wild for Tigress/Channel5 (in production) and Wild Britain for Plimsoll/Channel5. I have also worked on Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart, BAFTA Scotland nominated Into the Wild with Gordon Buchanan and the BBC’s Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch series. Read more about me here or watch my showreel here.


20th August 2018

I’ve spent the summer documenting the success or otherwise of a white-tailed sea eagle nest on the Isle of Skye for Tigress Productions. You’ll be able to follow them on Channel 5 next year. Many hours were spent in this cramped hide but being so close to these wonderful birds for so long made every bout of cramp worthwhile.

26th April 2018

Otters and their excrement feature in an article that I wrote for the BBC’s #OurBluePlanet social media campaign. Click on the pic to read it.

4th December 2017

This is one of the arctic foxes I’ve been filming in an isolated corner of Iceland. Had the pleasure of his company for four days.

30th October 2017

I’ve just finished filming golden eagles, ravens and feral goats for Plimsoll Productions here, close to home, on the Isle of Mull. The former is one of my favourite subjects and it’s always a thrill to be so close to wild eagles, as I was when alone in my hide for three days. I’ll post some screen grabs once the production company have given the green light to do so!

30th March 2017

The Isle of Rum is on my doorstep so it wasn’t a particularly long commute to film the red deer there. This was for a new landmark series for Nutopia / National Geographic. Scientists have studied the deer on Rum for over sixty years which makes them very obliging since they are quite used to people sitting watching them for hours and days on end. Here I am doing just that, attached to a Sony F55 and Canon 50-1000mm lens.

1st December 2016

I’ve written about my filming of the Springwatch golden eagle nest in this month’s BBC Wildlife magazine. Back copies available!

20th June 2016

I have spent a total of sixteen days in a hide filming the golden eagle nest for Springwatch. You can read my blog about it on the BBC Springwatch page and there is a short ‘Behind the Scenes‘ film too. 

2nd June 2016

It’s a real pleasure to have spent the past couple of weeks filming a golden eagle nest for Springwatch (2016). And I have a couple more weeks to go. Golden eagles have featured quite heavily in my life for the past few years so I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than observing a nest at close quarters for hours at a time. Here’s a shot of Eagle HQ – my hide tucked amongst the rocks just a stone’s throw from the eagle eyrie.

11th May 2016

After three years in production, Highlands – Scotland’s Wild Heart finally comes to the screen. It was fantastic to be part of the dedicated Maramedia team who made it possible. I filmed many of the time-lapse sequences, and spent a month filming in Caithness and Sutherland where I may have caught an orca or two.

Highlands Widl Heart

2nd June 2015


The latest issue of Scotland Outdoors magazine has a feature of mine on otters. Many a wildlife nut has been seduced by the charisma of the otter and I’m no different. I’m often asked how best to see them in the wild and I’ve tried to answer that in this article. The otter I photographed for the piece is a young male on the shores of Loch Sunart near my home. He had quite a few cuts and scars which suggests he had come off worst in a fight with a more robust dog otter. I’ve been away filming for most of May so I haven’t had a chance to catch up with him. Hopefully he is okay.

otters scot outdoors

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